Work in Progress

Regression with imputed dependent variables (with Thomas Crossley and Peter Levell)

Controlling for asynchronous fieldwork in cross-national surveys

A specification test for a single-index binary outcome model in semiparametric estimation

Did ‘progressive’ and ‘traditional’ teaching styles make a difference to the primary school children of the 1970s?

Working Papers

Political Connections and Firms: Network Dimensions. World Bank Policy Research WP No 8428 IZA DP No 11498

Publications - refereed

Addressing childhood obesity in low-income, ethnically diverse families: outcomes and peer effects of MEND 7–13 when delivered at scale in US communities. International Journal of Obesity, 2018, with P. Sacher, M. Kolotourou, P. Chadwick, D. Radley and J. Fagg.
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Knowledge is power: Public attitudes and the stalling of pension reform in Greece. Journal of Population Ageing, 6(4): 247-267, 2013, with P. Tinios.

Book Chapters

Πώς διαβάζει η κοινή γνώμη το ασφαλιστικό. [How does public opinion read the pension problem?] in Tinios, P. 'The pension problem: A way to decipher'. Athens:Kritiki Publishers, pp. 471-500, 2010. In Greek